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Area Clubs

This page is dedicated as a resource for anyone new to gaming or new to the area and who are looking for a place to call home.  We at Recruits know that all of the gamers in the Kansas City area offer fun and exciting places for everyone to game and to share knowledge.  Most of these groups meet on regular schedule so feel free to contact us or them if you have any questions.  If you are looking for information about upcoming conventions visit this page.      

If you would like your club included on this page please contact Duane or Laura Fleck at duane@recruits-con.com or call us at 816-228-9246

Game Clubs

  1. Historical Miniature Gaming Clubs

  2. Science-Fiction and Fantasy Gaming Clubs

  3. Board Game Clubs

  4. Regional Gaming Clubs Outside Kansas City

Historical Miniature Gaming Society (HMGS)

http://www.hahmgs.org/ Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas

Heart of America Miniature gaming Society (HAHMGS) is a not for profit corporation registered in the State of Missouri. The purpose of this society is to promote historical gaming in miniature and the study of military history. Towards this goal we publish the Communique and sponsor two conventions a year: Call to Arms in the Spring and Border Wars in the Fall

Dead General's Society, Kansas City, KS

The Dead Generals' Society exists to:

A. Promote Study of the Art of War.

B. Create and publish a course of instruction, conflict simulations, books and other materials designed to assist in understanding the Art of War.

C. Improve the level of performance of its members and other interested parties in conflict simulations through the application of the Art of War.

Basement Generals, East Kansas City, Missouri

The “Basement Generals” is a gaming club that meets every Thursday night.  The games are hosted by different members in the Kansas City area.  We predominantly play miniatures war games using rules such as Gaslight, Fire & Fury, Supersystem, and Fist Full of Lead.  Heck! We'll play anything you got!  In  other words...“Have rules, will travel!”.  Sit back and relax. Take a look around, we hope you enjoy your visit down here in the basement!

Tabletop Gaming Society, West Kansas City

Wetpowder Wargamers, East Kansas City

HATSOFF, East Kansas City

Kansas City AMPS, KC Metro Area Modeling Club

KC AMPS holds meetings at various locations around Kansas City. (Depends on who is kind enough to host the tread head hordes) Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month.

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Science-Fiction and Fantasy Organizations

RPGKC, Kansas City, Kansas

The Role-Players Guild of Kansas City, Ltd. is a non-profit group of role-playing game enthusiasts dedicated to bringing quality gaming to all and educating the public about that gaming.

For more information about the Role-Players Guild of Kansas City, Ltd., send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the following address: Role-Players Guild of Kansas City, Ltd., PO Box 7457, Kansas City, MO 64116-0157. email us at RPGKC@rpgkc.org, or visit our forums.

King Maker Game Club, Lee's Summit, Missouri

Midwest Area Gaming Enthusiasts, 

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Board Game Clubs

King Maker Game Club, Lee's Summit, Missouri

Axis and Allies Members Club (AAMC)

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Other Regional Historical Clubs

Big Muddy, St Louis, Missouri

MEGA: Metro East Gaming Association , St Louis, Missouri

S.I.U.C. Strategic Games Society, Southern Illinois

The South Bay Game Club, California

Junior Generals

http://www.hmgsmidwest.org Chicago, Illinois

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