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Friday, March 31
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    Saturday, April 1st
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Miniature Painting Competitions

This year we are offering three miniature painting opportunities.  For more information contact Darrin Manna

        Painting Competitions               On- Site Painting Competition


Paint Take

Recruits Painting Competitions


The Recruits painting competition is open to any figure, vehicle, plane or ship painted and mounted for use in a Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Historical war game in the following categories:

Student (18 and Under):

            1.   Best of Show, Unit (historical or fantasy)

            2.   Best of Show, Single figure (historical or fantasy)

Adult (19 and Over):

1.   Best of Show, Historical Unit

2.   Best of Show, Non-Historical Unit

3.   Best of Show, Historical Single Figure

4.   Best of Show, Non-Historical Single Figure

Masters (If you have won an Adults Competition before):

            1.   Best of Show, Unit (historical or fantasy)

            2.   Best of Show, Single figure (historical or fantasy)

In each category, prizes will be awarded for two students (under age 18) and one adult.  

Each unit entry must have a minimum of five mounted figures or ten foot figures and be based in a manner consistent with historical miniature's war game. Vehicles, ships and planes for best unit must also be based in a manner consistent with the historical or fantasy miniature rules and scale they are using.  


Entries will be accepted until 1:00 pm, judging to take place there after.  Winners will be announced after game session 3, between 4:00 and 5:00 pm.  All entries need to be retrieved by 6:00 pm.  All entries will be displayed in one of two enclosed jewelry cases and under watchful eye.

Judging Guidelines:

All entries must be judged impartially and without bias regarding the artist or the choice of figure or model.  

As this is a contest focused on models for the wargaming hobby, judging will place emphasis on the utility of the model on the gaming table. Therefore, entries that do not meet the minimum requirements for basing and massing (in the case of unit entries) cannot earn better than an Honorable Mention at Award time.

Judges are to feel free to ask advice from knowledgeable Con attendees regarding questions of basing as they apply to particular games or systems.

 Judging Criteria:      

Basing and Massing: The entry must work in a known game system as far as the dimension of its base is concerned. Unit entries must meet the minimum massing requirements of five mounted figures per base, ten foot figures per base, or at least three vehicles. This criterion will be judged on a pass/fail basis.

Preparation and Workmanship: The entry must not have obvious neglected media flaws such as flashing, sprue, scratches, cracks. Joints between pieces must not be obviously visible. Kit-bashed or converted entries must meet these basic requirements to score well. Kit-bashed or converted entries of high difficulty and good execution should be rewarded in this criterion. This criterion will be judged on a 0-5 point scale, 2 being an average score.

Historical Accuracy, Creativity: Entries in the Historical categories must not contain glaring anachronisms, to include uniform colors, weapons, armor. Additional and accurate details will raise an entry's score. Entries in Non-historical categories will be judged for this criterion based on the level of thematic elements the modeler has incorporated to enhance the story the entry is telling. This criterion will be judged on a 0-10 point scale, 5 being an average score.

Presentation: Entries that display attention to the details of groundwork or environment and base finish will be rewarded through this criterion. This criterion will be judged on a 0-10 point scale, 5 being an average score.

Painting Skill: At a minimum, the entry should show the modeler's ability to paint neatly and "stay inside the lines." Entries that display the modeler's ability to paint and shade a variety of surfaces (flesh, metals, cloth, leather, fur) in a realistic manner will be rewarded in this criterion. Due to its importance to the hobby, this criterion will be judged on a 0-10 point scale, 5 being an average score.

Masters Competition: The Masters competition will be limited to anyone who wishes to enter, but is designed for previous winners of the Adult competition. Individuals who win this competition, but have not done so, in other categories will from then on be restricted to this category. Previous winners of the Adult Competition are limited to this category. The Judging will use the same criteria as the Adult competition, but will place a much closer emphasis on the “Quality of Work.” Please be aware: this category is a first for “Recruits” and as such, some changes may need changing before this convention and in the future.

Age Categories: Judges should adjust their conception of an “average” score based on the age category of the entry. The Adult category (age 19+) should require a greater level of competence than the same entry in the Student category to attain an average score.

Volunteer Judges will score their categories on the Score Sheets provided to them by the Supervising

Judge. Upon completion of their judging duties, they will return their sheets to the SJ. The SJ will review the individual sheets for accuracy, and personally resolve any questions or ties in consultation with the volunteer judges. The SJ will then provide the Con directors with the sheets marked with a winner in each category.

For more information Contact 

Darrin D. Manna
Email                           dougal01@everestkc.net
Home Phone                 913-831-7693
Work Phone                 913-961-5666

or visit his web site at 

Recruits On Site Painting Competition 

The Speed Painting On-Site painting competition is sponsored by Rise of the West Miniatures   Figures will be judged for their overall quality and clarity within the time allotted.   All of the figures, paints, brushes and other supplies will be provided, figures will cleaned and primed white.  Contestants are welcomed to bring their own materials.  

Judges will be selected from various vendors present using a similar scoring guide to the Recruits miniature painting competition.  

The Recruits on Site-Painting competition will occur during session 3 beginning at 1:30 pm.  This is a timed activity of one hour.  Winners will be announced after game session 3, between 4 and 5:00 pm.  All entries need to be retrieved by 6:00 pm.  

For more information contact

Paint Take

Attendees will be able to paint a single figure and take it home with them for free. Choose from any of the Sci-fi, fantasy or historical figures available.  The Paint and Take is sponsored by Reaper Miniatures and RLBPS.


Sessions 2 and 4 only 

All of the figures, paints, brushes and other supplies will be provided, figures will cleaned and primed black.  Contestants are welcomed to bring their own materials.  

During hours of operation Shaun Rice will be available to offer painting classes geared toward beginners- like dry brushing, washes, additives, brush selection.  If interest is there he would also be willing to introduce non metallic metal (NMM), wet mixing, faces, eyes, layering, flatwork and other advanced techniques?   Class are limited to ten people or less.   

There will be a sign up sheet for painting classes as well as a time table of when classes will be offered at the paint and take table.  Those planning on taking part in classes are encouraged to bring a painted miniature and a primed miniature as well as their brushes and other materials.  Brushes will be available, though they will be used for the paint and take, so who knows what shape they will be in.  Classes will be geared towards the experience level of those participating, though there will be plenty of tips shared at the paint and take tables all convention long. 

For more information contact Shaun Rice at ogdigitalentity@yahoo.com






Please Thank the following individuals and businesses for their support of Recruits, either through volunteer service or from prize support donations even if they are unable attend our show.  Thank You!

Andy Pickard
Brigade Games
The Chambers of Miniatures
Darrin Mana
Davis Gaming Systems
Eskew's Fine Jewelry
Gamers' Legend
George Knapp
Jaye Wiley
JC Figures
Kevin Sykes
Lee's Summit High School
Pulp Fiction Comics & Games
Rattlehead Games
Reaper Miniatures
Rise of the West Miniatures
Scale Creep Miniatures
Steve Jackson Games
Syr Hobbs Wargames
Tabletop Games & Hobby
Thompson Productions L.L.C
Titan MMP
Troll Lord Games
Twilight Cards
Two Hour Wargames
Victory Force Miniatures
Vincent Spallo
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